Quotes from Children Served

I had known for a while that I wanted to change my life and find Jesus.  I wanted to also show my family and friends that Jesus can change their lives as well.  I just felt it was time to accept Him into my life and be a role model for my family and my friends.  But most of all, I knew I needed that for me.

I had grown up in an abusive home and once I accepted Christ in my life, it has changed for the better.  My Dad was abusive and when I prayed and asked God for it to stop because I wanted to have a good family.  Even if it meant without him, that was ok.  When my Dad left me and my Mom, it happened that I went to live at the Children's Homes.  With that move, my life changed.  With the help of staff and Ms. Brenda, m path and struggles were made easier and my life has changed for the better.

I wanted to confirm my dedication to Christ through baptism.  I know that accepting Christ doesn't guarantee that there won't be tough times, but I know that I have His love to guide me from now on.



When I was at home, I was doing drugs called Meth.  I thought it was cool, I wanted to be like my friends.  I grew up without a father figure, my Mom was really never there.  I started getting really bad off.  My family was doing the drugs I had done when I was at home.  I looked up to my big brother, he was always there for me and I wanted to be like him.  I started not going to school, so DSS got involved.  I ran away because I knew that they were going to take me from my family.  I was out for several months, lots of times I had to sleep under a transfer truck because I was afraid of being picked up.  After a while, I decided to turn myself in because I got tired of looking over my shoulder and being afraid of being picked up.  It was then that DSS brought me to  Children's Homes.  My first couple of months were tough; I thought it was hell.  After that it became easier to trust them.  The Children's Homes helped me realize there is more to life than just drugs.  So on May 3, 2017, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I wanted to show my family that there is a way to overcome the temptation and pressure; I wanted to do something better and that way is through Jesus Christ.  I wanted to show you that  through my confirmation of accepting Christ and a new life by baptism I am a better person.  That is why I'm before you today.

Quotes From Community Partners

"I have been a mental health professional for over a decade. I have worked in over a dozen counties and yours is one of the most professional organizations I have worked with in my Career. "

-Paul Powell


"My name is Scott Greene, I am an Outpatient Therapist at in Statesville, NC.  I have worked for many years in mental health, specifically with children and teens.  By the nature of the job I am in contact with many Foster Care families, group homes, and different agencies that serve young people.  I have had the privilege to work and collaborate with Children’s Home of Iredell County on many occasions in serving young people who are residents who are placed with them.  I routinely encounter kind, compassionate and professional personnel and staff who are genuinely concerned about the young people in their care.  I have been so impressed with how they handle the small issues as well as the big ones.  When I am asked about a referral choice for a child or teen who is in need, I readily recommend them."

- Scott Greene, LPC


"I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your recommendation and for being my mentor through this process.  The judges were very impressed with my project and I passed with flying colors.  I also received an incredible Teen Scholarship from the Statesville Record & Landmark.  They read your recommendation that night.  Also, I was given an $18,000 scholarship from East Tennessee State.  Words can't express my gratitude.  I was thrilled to be able to do something for you all."

Thank You again, 




"Kidz On A Mission proudly supports The Children's Homes Of Iredell County. Kidz On A Mission is a group of children ranging from age 2 through 6th grade at Rocky Hill Baptist Church. Our children work together to serve God by serving others and their needs. Our focal scripture passage is Matthew 25:35 "For I was hungry and you fed me. I was thirsty and you gave me a drink of water. I was a stranger and you invited me in." Our Mission is to help meet physical needs in order to share the gospel and to grow in Christ together."