Vision, Mission, and Values



The Vision of The Children’s Homes of Iredell County, Inc. is a community where child abuse is not tolerated, a community where all children thrive in loving, nurturing homes and grow up to lead productive, healthy lives. 


Through provision of a homelike environment and family setting, we will enhance the outcomes for at-risk youth by overcoming the barriers to productive outcomes. 



Hope – We believe in the possibility for growth, change and forgiveness. We believe in nurturing this belief in ourselves and in others. 

Compassion – We believe in showing compassion in how we treat others. 

Respect – We see the best in others regardless of who they are. We believe that our words and actions recognize the special needs and individuality of each person we serve or with whom we work. 

Honesty- We believe in showing honesty in everything we say and do. Honesty and competence are fundamental in developing trust. 

Integrity – We believe in possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles and professional standards. 

Responsibility – We hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and actions. We believe every person has the capacity to make decisions and understand the consequences. 

Collaboration – We believe the use of teamwork can accomplish more than any of us could by working alone. We believe we can serve and care for others best by blending the talents and dedication of many caring people and organizations. 

Stewardship – We make use of the resources entrusted to us. We believe financial transparency is fundamental to ensure a culture of accountability and trust to all stakeholders. 

Resilience - We believe by facilitating resident decision making and considering ways through adversity and modeling resiliency through supportive relationships, we are resources for helping our children rebuild and grow from adversity, promote well-being, develop life-long skills, and enable them to better control their futures.